Tired of Supply Chain Disruptions? Bunting-DuBois is your Stable, Domestic Source for your Neodymium Compression-Bonded and Injection Molded Magnets

Coronavirus has had devastating effects on manufacturers worldwide as Chinese manufacturing is impeded and global supply chains are negatively affected as a result. Many manufacturers are unable to carry out standard operations due to lack of necessary materials. Coronavirus is simply the latest China-related supply chain disruption, following events such the 2003 SARS outbreak, the “bird flu” and “swine flu” outbreaks, and the China-United States trade war that began in 2018. Rather than taking chances, Bunting-DuBois chose to take action. During all of these unfortunate events, Bunting-DuBois has been able to stay on schedule producing custom neodymium compression bonded and injection molded magnets as a result of using magnetic material from countries outside of China and carrying out all manufacturing operations related to these magnets in DuBois, PA.

The first two months of 2020 have been turbulent for the global economy as a result of coronavirus. As of February 24, 2020, many factories in China still have not reopened to resume regular operations. China is an essential component in the supply chain of thousands of businesses, from small electric motors, to sensors, to medical devices. As China’s ability to meet demand is crippled, manufacturers across the globe are seeking alternatives to China when structuring their supply chains.

While other businesses struggle to meet goals and fulfill orders, Bunting-DuBois has been able to remain on target when producing custom designed magnets and magnetic assemblies, namely, compression-bonded and injection-molded magnets. Neo compression-bonded and injection molded magnets are all completely free of any magnetic material originating in China, and all manufacturing takes place within the United States. While other companies are forced to wait at a standstill due to supply chain disruption, Bunting-DuBois is fortunate to be able to carry out business as usual.

Structuring the Bunting-DuBois supply chain to source from countries aside from China was not a reaction to any specific crisis that has affected China and, in turn, the global economy over the past few years. Rather, Bunting-DuBois sources raw magnetic material for neo compression bonded and injection molded magnets from other countries as a standard practice.

“We have had several customers who are so frustrated with the constant interruptions in supply chains that rely on China, they now say they’ll exclusively be working with Bunting-DuBois for their custom magnetic needs going forward,” said Don Lindstrom, General Manager of Bunting-DuBois. “For the customers we work with, frequent delays and distractions are simply unacceptable. Bunting-DuBois is pleased to be able to deliver products in a fast, reliable manner during a time of so much uncertainty.”

If you need a dependable source for your neo compression bonded or injection molded custom magnets and magnetic assemblies, Bunting-DuBois can help. To learn more about our manufacturing capabilities and our custom magnets and magnetic assemblies, Contact a Bunting Representative today.