Rare Earth Magnets: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The global permanent magnet market is dominated by rare earth magnets based on the Nd2Fe14B phase, which accounts for over 60% of total magnet sales. The historical development of rare earth magnets is overviewed in this article, as well as the current status of material development, processing technologies, market drivers, and an alternative approach to […]

Case Study: Magnet Optimized for Angular Position Sensor Application

The use of cylindrical magnets in rotary position magnetic sensors is ideal to generate the field components required for proper operation. There are two types of field orientations used for this purpose and they are specific to the type of IC used in the application. The magnet can be magnetized either diametrically, or axially. For […]

Considerations for Selecting the Optimal Permanent Magnet

With four major types of permanent magnet materials available, device designers are faced with a bewildering range of options. Permanent magnets have special requirements for assembly and use, and often magnetic parameters may not be a designer’s main area of expertise.