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Custom Magnets & Magnetic Assemblies

Bunting-Dubois is a leader in magnetic solutions for the automotive, aerospace, military, oil and gas, industrial, consumer and medical industries. We work with customers’ designs and integrate solutions in challenging environments to provide our customers with a competitive edge. Bunting-DuBois maintains a keen eye on green technology and manufacturing.

Custom Magnet Assemblies Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Bunting will work with your team of engineers to create a custom magnet or magnetic assembly that will suit any application, no matter how challenging. We have supplied millions of parts into the automotive industry supply chain, catering to the large demand for magnetic sensors related to functions such as anti-lock brakes, electric power steering, cruise control and traction control. In consumer and industrial products, our magnetic capabilities extend from anti-theft magnetic devices to magnetic couplings, to cell phones and appliances.

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Customers in North America

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Custom Magnetic Products

Bunting-DuBois is your total magnet solution provider. We can supply any magnet material or magnetic assembly for your project. If it requires a permanent magnet, then we can do it! At Bunting-DuBois, we engineer a custom magnet to fit your specific needs. We combine ingenuity, our deep expertise and our dedicated range of equipment in order to deliver you the exact product you need.

Custom Magnets

Manufactured in DuBois, Pennsylvania, Bunting-DuBois, is the only North American manufacturer of compression bonded, injection molded and hybrid magnets. In addition, we are a provider of a full range of magnetic materials and magnetic assemblies.

Custom Magnet Assemblies

Bunting-DuBois assemblies are built to exacting specifications and tight tolerances. Built using only the best components, our assemblies are used in numerous industries including automotive and aerospace.

Serving Your Industry and Market with Custom Magnet Innovations

Manufactured in DuBois, Pennsylvania, Bunting-DuBois is the only North American manufacturer of compression bonded, injection molded and hybrid magnets.

Why Bunting

Our exclusive NeoBlend™ bonded neodymium magnets are designed to any size, shape or strength thanks to a complete range of presses from 4-ton to 200-ton. No matter the environment or application, we have the magnetic solution to meet any design need.

We are ITAR registered and DFARS compliant, making us approved to support military and defense projects. Our world-class manufacturing facility includes an option for sterile glove box clean air assembly and an end of line pass/fail test to ensure spotless products. Level 3 PPAP documentation is available.

We also have Kanban, Dock-to-Stock, and other JIT requirements to meet demand.

What You Can Expect From Bunting

  • 2D and 3D magnetic modeling of your design
  • Rapid prototyping of designs
  • Capacity to manufacture magnets + magnetic assemblies in any quantity
  • Extensive quality checks of product
  • On-time delivery


International Traffic in Arms Regulations Registered


Restriction of Hazardous Substances Compliant


Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System Certified

Magnetic Education Resources

The Bunting-DuBois Tech Center provides the best information to help you better understand magnets, our capabilities, and how we can work together on your magnet or magnetic product design.