Custom Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies

Magnet Experts

We provide Total Magnetic Solutions:

  • Compression Bonded Magnets
  • Injection Molded Magnets
  • Hybrid Magnets
  • Magnetic Assemblies

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Calculator App Now Available

Need calculations on-the-go? No problem. We now offer our magnetic calculators as a mobile app available for Android and Apple devices. It is free and fully-functional, even if you go offline.

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Our Top Attractions

  • Expert Applications Assistance
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Consistent Product
  • Custom Blends
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • ITAR Registered

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Latest Magnet Industry Update from Bunting-DuBois

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Design & Engineering

Bunting-DuBois provides complete engineering, design and consulting services. Our expert engineering team complements your design and manufacturing team to develop a permanent magnet or a complete magnetic assembly specific to your need and application.

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Magnet Manufacturing

Bunting-DuBois is the only North American manufacturer of compression bonded, injection molded and hybrid magnets. Our plant is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ITAR registered and has the team in place to build two hundred to two million pieces or more per month.

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Diverse Applications

Our custom designed and manufactured magnets can be made with various magnetic materials, and used across dozens of industries, including automotive, military, aerospace, electronic devices, and other industrial commercial industries.

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North America only.

Magnetic Assemblies
Manufactured In the U.S.A.

Custom Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies Designed Specifically for Your Application

Bunting-DuBois (formerly Magnet Applications, Inc.) offers customers turnkey solutions for magnetic assemblies, each designed and built around our core magnets. We can work with your lean manufacturing replenishment program to ensure your parts are always available when you need them. Bunting strives to meet your exact requirements and complete projects that will reduce cost drivers and develop a repeatable manufacturing process.

What Do We Make?

Bunting will work with your team of engineers to create a custom magnet or magnetic assembly that will suit any application, no matter how challenging. We have supplied millions of parts into the automotive industry supply chain, catering to the large demand for magnetic sensors related to functions such as anti-lock brakes, electric power steering, cruise control, and traction control. In consumer products, our magnetic capabilities extend from anti-theft magnetic devices, to magnetic couplings, to cell phones and appliances.

We develop products for medical devices such as MRI machines, insulin pumps, and, and even supply magnets implemented on flight control decks for both military and commercial aircraft.

Why Bunting?

Bunting is the world’s most diversified manufacturer of magnets, magnetic assemblies, and magnetic equipment. We are a custom provider of compression bonded, injection molded, and hybrid magnets, in addition to providing all types of magnet materials including sintered neodymium magnets and magnetic assemblies.

Our exclusive NeoBlend™ neodymium magnets can be designed to any size, shape, or strength thanks to a complete range of presses from 4-ton to 200-ton. No matter the environment or application, we have the magnetic solution to meet any design need. We are ITAR registered and DFARS compliant, making us approved to support military and defense projects. Our world-class manufacturing facility includes an option for sterile glove box clean air assembly and an end of line pass/fail test to ensure spotless products. Level 3 PPAP documentation is available. We also have Kanban, Dock-to-Stock, and other JIT requirements to meet demand.

What You Can Expect From Bunting:

  • 2D and 3D magnetic modeling of your design
  • Rapid prototyping of designs
  • Capacity to manufacture magnets and magnetic assemblies in any quantity
  • Extensive quality checks of product
  • On-time delivery

At Bunting, we engineer a custom magnet to fit your specific needs. We combine ingenuity, our deep expertise, and our dedicated range of equipment in order to deliver you the exact product you need with no sacrifice to quality design and engineering.