The Rare Earth Magnet Supply Chain—Current and Future Status

Dr. John Ormerod, the Senior Technology Advisor for Bunting-DuBois, presents, “The Rare Earth Magnet Supply Chain—Current and Future Status.” In this webinar, Dr. Ormerod discusses the challenges and potential solutions within the rare earth magnet supply chain. Highlights include the current status of the REE supply chain, the major initiatives to restore the supply chain to North […]

Permanent Magnet Options: How To Select The Optimum Solution For Your Application.

Dr. John Ormerod, Senior Technology Advisor, Magnet Applications, Inc., was the guest speaker for this webinar, “How to Select The Optimum Permanent Magnet Material For Your Application” on Wednesday, March 28, 2018. Modern permanent magnet materials offer a wide range of magnetic, thermal and mechanical characteristics. Selecting the optimum material solution for a specific application […]