Industries & Markets

Bunting-DuBois Delivers Custom Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies to Key Industries

Bunting-DuBois product offerings are used in industries ranging from automotive to oil and gas to big pharma. Our extensive experience demonstrates our customers’ confidence in our solutions for industries worldwide.

Automotive & Transportation


Bunting-DuBois engineers work with their counterparts in automotive manufacturing groups to integrate custom designed magnets and magnetic assemblies. These magnets are used in vehicle components including sensors, motors, fuel pumps, speakers, and more. As electric vehicles are growing in popularity, the demand for rare earth magnets is skyrocketing due to the critical part they play in various components of electric vehicles. 



We supply the aerospace and aviation industries with magnetic assemblies that are essential to enabling new innovations in air and space travel. Magnets can be found in electrical systems, fuel pumps, speed and position sensors, gauges, and speakers. Bunting-DuBois has also supplied products to NASA for cutting edge space exploration projects.

Bunting-DuBois is ITAR registered and DFARS compliant. We are equipped to meet the most stringent quality and security demands.


Magnets are a key component of many critical medical technologies. They are found in motors that power equipment such as ventilators and insulin pumps. Magnets are also used in assistive and adaptive medical devices, such as holding magnets and magnetic implements in prosthetic limbs.

Industrial & Commercial


Industrial environments have many unique demands and require magnetic solutions with high resistance to extreme heat and coatings to withstand corrosion. For our customers in the oil and gas industries, our magnetic assemblies are designed to handle even the most challenging operating environments. This allows devices such as excavating tools, downhole magnetic tools, magnetic couplings, torque and steering motors, magnetic inspection devices, and power generators to perform without fail. We provide assemblies for motors for use in robots, elevator lifts, magnetic filtration systems, work holding tools, permanent magnet motors, magnetic lifting systems, magnetic workshop tools, and more.

PM Motors

Bunting-DuBois provides customers with a diverse range of custom magnets for permanent magnet motors (PM motors) to drive a variety of applications. So many of the things essential in our lives—our cars, our home appliances, and the industrial equipment we rely on to live a modern lifestyle—depend on motors as their key components. Bunting-DuBois helps our customers to build the best motors for their applications.

Magnetic Sensors


Magnetic sensors are vital devices in many applications and industry segments. Sensors operate without contact, physical wear or tear, and can work through sealed barriers. Within a sensor, the role of the permanent magnet is to provide a magnetic field in an air gap. This field can be constant and extremely precise or vary in magnitude and direction.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

There are many aspects of the oil and gas industry that utilize magnets and magnetic assemblies. Sensors, couplings, filtration tools, torque and steering motors, power generators, separation tools, and pumps are just a few areas magnets are used in the oil and gas industry.

We offer a wide variety of material grades which have a high strength-to-weight ratio and will not lose attractive force over time.


Magnets are present in cell phones, tablets, computers, speakers, cameras, and many other electronic devices. Anti-theft devices at department stores utilize magnets in sensors to deter shoplifting. In the home, magnets can be found in every room as they are used in appliances such as home security systems, washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and blenders.

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