Aerospace & Military

Bunting-DuBois is committed to creating and producing magnets and magnetic assemblies to serve defense and general aerospace applications. From fighter planes to commercial aircrafts, Bunting engineers will design the optimum solution for your application.

Bunting-DuBois is ITAR registered and DFARS compliant

Custom Magnets and Magnet Applications for Military and Aerospace

Bunting-DuBois is a trusted name in aviation, military, and defense applications. Bunting-DuBois is ITAR registered and DFARS compliant, making us approved to support military and defense projects. Our products have withstood the high standards of many defense related customers and programs. We have supplied magnets and magnetic assemblies on several missile programs as well as magnets and magnetic assemblies used in flight control decks for both commercial and fighter aircraft. We are equipped to meet the most stringent quality and security demands.

Our design process for military and civilian aerospace projects puts your needs first and designs a product to meet them perfectly. We consider critical design issues such as dimensional, magnetic flux, thermal, environmental, and more. We seek to design products that don’t simply “do” a job, but optimize the way that job is done. Our designs go above and beyond in order to reduce cost, reduce weight and size, and increase efficiency. We are committed to durable, lasting products that perform to the highest standard, no matter how harsh the conditions they are operating in may be.

Custom Magnet Applications Supporting Defense Applications

Magnets play essential roles in many defense applications. Rare earth magnets, such as samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boron, are among the most powerful magnetic materials used when designing advanced technology for defense and aerospace applications. For both military and civilian applications, samarium cobalt magnets are essential to generating power for electrical systems in aircraft under elevated temperature conditions. Magnets are found in numerous applications across the rest of an aircraft, such as gauges, speakers, flow regulators, fuel pumps, position and speed sensors, rotor assemblies, and even cryogenic magnets for space.

Expertise at Every Step of the Process

At Bunting, we engineer a custom magnet to fit your specific needs. We combine ingenuity, our deep expertise and our dedicated range of equipment in order to deliver you the exact product you need with no sacrifice to quality design and engineering.

What You Can Expect From Bunting

  • 2D and 3D magnetic modeling of your design
  • Rapid prototyping of designs
  • Capacity to manufacture magnets + magnetic assemblies in any quantity
  • Extensive quality checks of product
  • On-time delivery

Let’s work together to scale your manufacturing.