Injection Molded Magnets

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Injection Molded Magnets

Bunting uses injection molding to create intricately shaped magnets that boast highly desirable properties. Injection molding is an ideal process for applications that require high levels of precision, highly complex shapes, and insert or over-molding. By utilizing injection molding, many identical components can be created in a short amount of time, making injection molding appealing for high volume production.

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Manufacturing Custom Injection Molded Magnets

Magnets created by injection molding have excellent geometric tolerance requiring minimal or zero secondary operations. Injection molding allows magnets to be designed in complex shapes without sacrificing other desirable traits, such as high electrical resistivity, strong mechanical properties, and the utilization of multipole magnetization. Injection molding is also used by Bunting to have a tailored flux output for given shapes and sizes of different magnets.

Two components are used to create basic bonded magnets: a non-magnetic polymer or elastomer binder and a magnetic powder. Injection molded magnets are created by injecting this molten, highly filled thermoplastic compound into mold cavities where it cools and solidifies. The magnetic element of this compound typically consists of ferrite and NdFeB (neodymium-iron-boron) powders. Mixing this magnetic material with a polymer allows for a magnetic compound to be created that can then be injection molded in the same way as any other thermoplastic. By using injection molding, the resulting magnet is able to have tight tolerances and other properties that can only be achieved through this method.

Injection Molding Saves you Time and Maximizes your Efficiency

Bunting utilizes multi-cavity tooling to achieve high volume output and productivity. By using multi-cavity molds, a large number of identical components to be produced during each cycle. Combining this process with multicomponent assemblies as well as insert and over molding techniques allows for complex magnets and assemblies to be formed. Injection molding is one of the most cost-efficient and time-saving route to pursue for applications demanding high volume production.

At Bunting DuBois, we are more than a manufacturing center for injection molded magnets. Our facility is a hub for innovation and design, with engineers involved at every step of the injection molding process. Our team consists of experts in magnetic applications, ready to assist you and guide you in designing your injection molded magnet or magnetic assembly.

What You Can Expect From Bunting:

• 2D and 3D magnetic modeling of your design
• Rapid prototyping of designs
• Capacity to manufacture magnets and magnetic assemblies in any quantity
• Extensive quality checks of product
• On-time delivery

At Bunting, we engineer a custom magnet to fit your specific needs. We combine ingenuity, our deep expertise, and our dedicated range of equipment in order to deliver you the exact product you need with no sacrifice to quality design and engineering.

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