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At Bunting-DuBois (formerly Magnet Applications, Inc.), while magnets is in our name, it is also in our DNA. To assist our customers in properly applying magnets and magnetic assemblies across a broad spectrum of industries and applications, we have assembled a team of experts with a wealth of magnet experience. Here are just a few of our Magnet Experts. Collectively they have more than 200 years of focused magnetic expertise to ensure your product is designed right the first time and manufactured right every time. While just a few experts are featured, our team extends well beyond these individuals. Experienced quality assurance and R&D teams, expert assemblers and experienced customer service personnel work to make sure you are satisfied.

Bob Bunting
Chairman of the Board / 50+ Years Experience

Bob Bunting is the second generation of the Bunting family involved in the field of magnetics. Following in the footsteps of his father, Walter Bunting, who founded Bunting Magnetics Co. (Magnet Applications, Inc. parent company) in 1959, Bob grew up in the business. Upon his graduation from Illinois State University with a degree in economics, Bob began his magnetics career as a Bunting Sales Engineer. With extensive experience as Bunting Sales Manager and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bob served as President and CEO of Bunting for 29 years. In 2022, he assumed the position of Chairman of the Board.

Donald Lindstrom
General Manager / 30+ Years Experience

Don Lindstrom joined Bunting in 2006, bringing us 18 years of experience with Arnold Magnetic Technologies, where he progressed from Project Manager to General Manager. During a career of almost two decades, he gained vast experience in both Permanent Magnets and Soft Magnetic Materials. Today, Don is General Manager of Bunting-DuBois. Don holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Millikin University and an MBA from the University of Nebraska.

Dr. Chris Riley
Group Magnetics Engineer / 20+ Years Experience

Dr. Chris Riley has two decades of specific magnetics engineering experience. A graduate of the University of Sheffield, Chris began his career as a Senior Magnetics Development Engineer for the company, progressing to Senior Magnetics Engineer to his current position of Group Magnetics Engineer. A member of the UK Magnetics Society, Chris is particularly interested in magnetic materials and equipment, as well as magnetization theory and application.

Dr. John Ormerod
Technical Adviser / 40+ Years Experience

Dr. John Ormerod holds a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and PhD degrees in Metallurgy from the University of Manchester (UK). Now exclusively a consultant, John was the President of Res Manufacturing, a privately held manufacturer of stamped metal components and assemblies and a provider of value added services. His knowledge also came from over twenty years industry experience in Bonded Magnets and Permanent Magnets, including acting as Development Engineer and General Manager of the Rare Earth Magnets group at Philips Electronics.

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