What are the Best Uses for Samarium Cobalt Magnets?

What are the Best Uses for Samarium Cobalt Magnets-Bunting-DuBois-Magnet Applications

Samarium cobalt magnets, like neodymium magnets, are members of the rare earth magnet family. The name “rare earth magnet” comes from the rare earth elements that these magnets are made of. Rare earth magnets are known as the most powerful magnets in the world and boast incredible strength. The strongest rare earth magnets are neodymium magnets. However, samarium cobalt magnets are still significantly stronger than magnets such as ceramic and alnico magnets, which are made from non-rare earth material. In addition to their high strength, samarium cobalts offer two unique traits: they have a superior ability to perform at high temperatures as well as a superior resistance to corrosion.

Samarium Cobalt Magnets are Corrosion-Resistant and Perform at High Temperatures

The first notable trait of samarium cobalt magnets is their resistance to high temperatures. A samarium cobalt can perform at temperatures of up to 300°C, or 572°F. For this reason, these magnets are an excellent fit for high-temperature environments. Examples of high-temperature applications that samarium cobalt magnets are commonly utilized in include motors generating high heat and aerospace applications such as fighter jets. Samarium cobalts are not only tolerant of extreme heat, but also tolerate extreme cold. These magnets are able to maintain their powerful magnetic strength even when exposed to temperatures approaching absolute zero, which registers as -273°C or -459°F.

The second notable trait of samarium cobalt magnets is their superior corrosion resistance. Neodymium magnets are  vulnerable to corrosion, and must always be plated in order to protect them from damage and deterioration. Samarium cobalts, on the other hand, are naturally resistant to corrosion and oxidation. For this reason, they are frequently sought out for applications where a significant corrosion risk is present. For example, samarium cobalts are frequently used in marine and offshore environments. In these applications, the magnets can be found in applications such as holding and towing large, heavy equipment including other boats. These magnets are able to tolerate conditions that other magnetic materials would quickly succumb to. This makes samarium cobalt a wise choice for use in harsh environments.

Samarium cobalts have the unique ability to resist both heat and corrosion to a greater degree than other magnets. These magnets combine heat resistance and corrosion resistance with their intense magnetic strength and can perform very well even in the most challenging, inhospitable environments. Samarium cobalt magnets are an excellent choice for machinery, motors, pumps, sensors, high temperature environments, extremely cold environments, marine environments, aerospace applications, and more.

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