Sintered NdFeB

Bunting-DuBois’ Sintered Neodymium Boron magnets offer engineers the ideal combination of low cost and high energy product. We offer a wide range of grades to allow for optimal selection for the magnet’s operating environment.

Operating in concert with state-of-the-art facilities around the world, we can meet any requirement. From high-value, cost-conscious product from China, to more exotic grade materials from Japan, to domestically manufactured finished products in any quantities – We are your Total Magnetic Solution!

  • Full local support at extremely competitive prices
  • Wide product offering, including high-temperature grades up to 50 MGOe
  • Capabilities for full assembly in local market
  • Rapid prototyping and production start-up

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Typical Demagnetization Curves

Typical Properties of Sintered NdFeB