Rare Earth Magnets: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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Dr. John Ormerod, Magnet Applications Senior Technical Advisor, originally presented this Webinar on Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

The global permanent magnet market is dominated by rare earth magnets based on the Nd2Fe14B phase accounting for over 60% of total magnet sales. The historical development of rare earth magnets will be overviewed. The current status of material development and processing technologies will be reviewed. With the forecast growth in applications e.g. in both ICE and HEV/EV markets, the search for alternatives to the current Nd, Pr and Dy alloy compositions is being pursued. Also, microstructure engineering through thermomechanical processing is being developed to enhance magnetic performance with lower rare earth content. These technologies and market drivers for the rare earth magnet industry will be discussed. Finally, an alternative approach to the “gap magnet” opportunity will be covered.