Dr. John Ormerod, Magnet Applications Senior Technical Advisor, has been named the keynote speaker of the 2019 Magnetics Conference on January 23-24 in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Ormerod will be presenting his paper “Rare Earth Magnets: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” which discusses technologies and market drivers for the rare earth magnet industry, and provides an update on the latest status of the Hitachi Metals patent litigation. Click here to register.

MAGNETICS 2019 is a two-day conference and is a leading global event. It is focused on the latest economic developments and technical advancements in magnetics markets and technologies, bringing together worldwide magnetics experts. This is a once-a-year opportunity for professionals involved in magnetics technologies to learn the latest advancements in magnetic applications, technology and materials as well as global issues of supply, demand and pricing of magnetic materials.

Dr. Ormerod is the Senior Technical Advisor of Magnet Applications, a Bunting® Magnetics Co. company where he also serves as an advisory board member. He holds bachelor of science, master of science, and doctoral degrees in metallurgy from the University of Manchester (U.K.). Now exclusively a consultant, Ormerod was the president of Res Manufacturing, a privately held manufacturer of stamped metal components and assemblies and a provider of value-added services. His knowledge also comes from over 20 years of industry experience in bonded magnets and permanent magnets, including acting as development engineer and general manager of the Rare Earth Magnets group at Philips Electronics.