Custom Magnet Solutions for Industrial Applications

Custom Magnet Solutions for Industrial Applications

At Bunting-DuBois, we have a seasoned team of engineers who excel at designing custom magnets and magnetic assemblies for use in a wide array of industrial applications. Our engineers will work with your own design team throughout every step of the process, taking into account every detail of your application and desired results as we work to develop a custom engineered magnet or magnetic assembly. Located in DuBois, Pennsylvania, we are the one of the few manufacturers in North America able to manufacture compression bonded, injection molded, and hybrid magnets. Our diversified supply chain means that we do not rely on any sole foreign supplier to obtain our raw materials, and by centering our manufacturing operations in North America, we are able to offer ease of communication, short lead times, and prompt delivery of high-volume orders.

There are many different industrial applications that utilize custom magnets as a way of optimizing productivity, quality, and performance.

Some examples involve magnetic filtration systems, magnetic components in robotics and drone technology, permanent magnet motors, and magnetic lifting systems and workholding tools. Magnets can be found in many different work environments, such as factories, construction sites, research laboratories, warehouses, and more. While some environments involve challenges such as high temperatures or harsh environmental conditions, our engineers are able to supply magnets and magnetic assemblies tailored for precise solutions, such as incorporating corrosion-resistant samarium cobalt magnets in an industrial application taking place in or near the open ocean. Similarly, we can recommend the optimum alnico magnet grade for applications dealing with extremely high temperatures.

Magnets and magnetic assemblies are key to incorporating automated systems and labor-saving technology. We are able to present customers with not just a single solution, but with a variety of options to choose from, as well as rapid prototyping that allows customers to quickly see how certain options will perform in a given environment or application. Our manufacturing facility is also experienced with designing and manufacturing high-volume orders, and we have stringent quality control that ensures you will receive only the highest quality product.

Custom magnets and magnetic assemblies are found in many different elements of industrial technology. Whether you are breaking ground with excavating tools, streamlining operations with automation, seeking a motor that is high in power but small in size, or selecting a reliable holding assembly, we have the expertise to design and manufacture the perfect custom magnet or magnetic assembly for your unique industrial application.

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