NeoBlend™ Isotropic NdFeB

NeoBlend™ Molded Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) rare earth magnets open up a new realm of possibilities and options for engineers. High magnetic values and reduced size make Bremag the ideal solution for miniaturization where weight at space are at a premium.

At Bunting-DuBois, we offer the unique ability of Compression and Injection Molded NeoBlend that increases the scope of its applications. No other magnetic material combines these performances and capabilities, while simplifying production engineering due to its resistance to chipping and cracking, its complex magnetization possibilities and machinability. Bremag contains only a nominal amount of Cobalt compared to those found in Alnico and Samarium Cobalt, its far less expensive than other rare earth materials.

We are dedicated to finding the solution for you. We offer hybrids of Neodymium Iron Boron and Ferrite, giving you an even broader range of choices. Our experts offer complete engineering assistance, prototyping services, fabrication and inventory management.

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NeoBlend™ Isotropic NdFeB-Bunting-DuBois-Magnetic Applications

Benefits of NeoBlend™

  • Excellent mechanical strength and surface finish
  • Compression molded magnets can be manufactured to very tight tolerances off tool
  • Injection molded magnets may be overmolded onto metal and plastic components
  • Greater cracking and chipping resistance than other rare earth magnets
  • Superior energy to weight ratio
  • May be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Magnetic values up to 12 MGOe (6 MGOe for Injection Molded NeoBlend)
  • Simple to complex multipole magnetization patterns possible
  • Low tooling cost
  • Co-injected assemblies