What are the Best Uses for Magnetic Assemblies?

Magnet Applications
What are the Best Uses for Magnetic Assemblies?

Magnet assemblies are designed to combine permanent magnetic, soft magnetic materials, and non-magnetic components. This provides a sub assembly for an application that simplifies overall assembly and manufacturing for our customers. Bunting-DuBois designs and manufactures custom magnetic assemblies for a wide range of industries, serving general commercial and industrial applications, defense and aerospace applications, medical applications, automotive applications, and more.

We have the ability to create a diversified range of magnetic assemblies, and can provide them in all types of magnetic material—including compression bonded and injection molded neodymium magnets.

For difficult environments, magnetic assemblies provide increased durability. Raw magnetic material has an inherently brittle composition, and while many magnets are plated, they are still vulnerable compared to other materials. For this reason, magnet assemblies integrate magnetic material with soft magnetic materials such as steel, non-ferrous metals, epoxies, and other plastics in order to protect the magnetic material from damage. This protective housing significantly extends the life of a magnet.

In addition to providing extra protection to permanent magnetic material, the soft magnetic component of a magnetic assembly also works to complete the magnetic circuit. Because the flux conducting elements of a magnetic assembly are a key part of the magnetic circuit, proper design can cause the magnetic assembly’s field to be enhanced and focused.

“Magnetic assemblies result in a reduction in complexity for our customers in terms of procurement, inventory and shop floor control, manufacturing, and quality assurance. In addition, the expertise of Bunting-DuBois in handling, assembly, and magnetizing of complex magnet assemblies often means a cost savings for our customers,” says Dr. John Ormerod, magnetics expert and technical advisor to Bunting-DuBois.

Some of DuBois’s past customers have sought magnetic assemblies for electronic engagement of automotive 4 wheel drive systems, oil & gas downhole sensing & chip collection, and magnets to activate Hall Effect sensors in medical applications.

“Since our expertise is in making, assembling and magnetizing – it is often the case that customers prefer to let us do the things we are good at and it allows the customer to do the parts of the process they are good at – value added ‘advanced’ assembly work,” says Don Lindstrom, General Manager at Bunting-DuBois.

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