What Applications Need Permanent Magnet Motors?

Magnet Applications
What Applications Need Permanent Magnet Motors?

Permanent magnet motors are versatile, highly efficient motors that are used in a wide variety of applications. They are available in both AC and DC varieties, and may utilize alnico, ferrite, or rare earth magnets. The magnetic material used is based on the demands of the application—for example, neodymium iron boron magnets are used in size-sensitive applications, such as medical and aerospace, while ferrite magnets are used in applications where cost is a concern, such as automotive.

Permanent magnet motors have a long list of benefits. They produce a source of consistent, steady magnetic field requiring no energy input, and display a significant improvement in torque when compared to standard synchronous motors. They are lightweight and compact, which means they require less installation space while maintaining high power. PM motors deliver improved performance compared to other motors, and are able to do this while operating over a wide temperature range. Additionally, permanent magnet motors are an environmentally friendly option due to their oil-free, emissions free design.

PM motors are desirable as they are significantly more efficient than other motor options, such as induction motors and motors with field windings, in the case of certain high-efficiency applications. For example, permanent magnets are frequently used in electric vehicles, and have been praised by Konstantinos Laskaris, the Chief Motor Designer at Tesla. Laskaris stated, “For the specification of the performance and efficiency, the permanent magnet machine better solved our cost minimization function, and it was optimal for the range and performance target.”

Bunting Provides Custom Magnets for AC and DC Permanent Magnet Motors

Electric vehicles are not the only application where permanent magnets excel. Permanent magnet AC motors have a simplified rotor that enables higher efficiency with small torque loads, and high-speed capabilities. Aside from electric vehicles, AC motors are used in pumps, fans, blowers, grinders, mixers, and conveyors. Meanwhile, DC motors are also extremely efficient, and boast a small size that makes them suitable for small applications as well as highly cost-efficient. Permanent magnet DC motors can be found in applications including, but not limited to: computer drives, household items such as electric toothbrushes and vacuum cleaners, operating windshield wipers and heater blowers in automobiles, and electric tools such as drills and hedge trimmers.

Permanent magnet motors are a dependable, durable, affordable motor choice that is suitable for an exceptional range of applications. At Bunting, we provide engineering assistance for your motor design and can provide both individual magnets and subassemblies. We also offer rapid prototyping of designs and the ability to mass-produce items.

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